new years resolutions

credit: pictures by me. ph.1 card, ph.2 nye, ph.3 new jimmy choo h&m shoes

Sometimes, certain things are meant to be. When the first images of the jimmy choo for h&m collection leaked, I was stoked for only 1 item: the tackiest snakeskin with rhinestones/studs/star shaped studs!! Then came the confusion as to if they were for men or women or both.

A few days before the stuff hit the stores it became clear that they were indeed for men and women. The price tag put me off though..i was as broke as a joke so 130.00 euros was not going to happen.

Yesterday I did some last minute shopping and stumbled upon the last pair of the afore mentioned boots. I look inside of the shoe: size 36!! (I'm a 36/37)

I slipped my feet into them and ahh....they fit perfectly well!

The current price tag said they were marked down to 69.90. Ok I could live with that I guess. So off I went to the counter, the man scanned in the boots and the price 34.90 pops up. AAAAAHHHH

SO I guess it was meant to be after all :)

And now, the new years resolutions
(even though I honestly don't think they always work out the way you want them to):

*yes is yes and no is no
*make all those dreams reality
*spend less on clothing....ahem

What are your resolutions?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I got these too for less than half off! Best day of December! haha. The only pair I liked of the collab.

    x x x

  2. Haha ik had precies hetzelfde verhaal met die Jimmy Choo's! Wilde ze in het begin zo graag hebben, maar ik vond 129 euro iets te duur op het moment, toen zag ik ze op de H&M site voor 59,95, toen heb ik ze meteen besteld. De volgende dag kwam ik bij de H&M, stonden ze daar voor 34,90!! Heb ze gelijk gekocht, en het andere paar teruggestuurd. Ben heel blij dat ik ze in de winkel heb kunnen kopen! Bij mij zaten ze vrij krap in het begin (maat 40) maar ik begin ze eindelijk iets uit te lopen!