I'm in love with Margiela and when I saw his fingerless gloves my heart skipped a beat. Obviously I can't buy them as I'm participating in
the Free Fashion Challenge and besides that I wouldn't even be able to afford them anyways. So I decided to make them myself with
some black leather that I had lying around. It's super easy to make. I don't do patterns etc. as I was never schooled in that field yet I'm
guessing that my genes hold a certain aptitude to tailoring as there have been a lot of tailors in my family. Thats' why my explanations
are sometimes a bit confusing as I myself don't really know what I'm doing! I hope the visuals are clearer.

_take a piece of leather and wrap it around your arm
_pin the areas that need to be cut off in order to have the shape that you need
_draw a line with garment chalk and cut about 2cm from there just to make sure you don't cut it too small
_fold the top and the bottom inwards
_start stitching
_turn it inside out
_cut a hole where your thumb would stick through

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  1. So simple but effective, I may just try this out. I'm not a pattern girl either, sometimes it's more fun to figure something out for yourself.

  2. omg love this!! thanks for sharing... if my laziness doesn't take over me I'll def try it out

  3. I just spent the last hour scrolling through all your old posts. Your blog is seriously wicked. Seriously!

    <a href="http://www.fairydah.net>www.fairydah.net</a>

  4. Wow! Echt heel goed gelukt, misschien ga ik dit ook wel proberen;)