Chyna Girl.
As she jumped on the back of his bike it really seemed as if they were on fire. They zigzagged through the crowd and people stared as the boots flashed bright red in sun light. "Everybody is staring at your boots." And they were indeed. She jumped off as they had reached their destination. Walking towards the train, he held her hand and smiled at every person that stared in amazement, disbelief, disgust, lust. He smiled because she didn't seem to care. He kissed her goodbye, gave her a wink, she smiled over her shoulder: until we meet again.
Top&skirt___River Island. Boots___Pleaser

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  1. hahaa ! the shirt is house of holland, some last years collection if i recall right. i've seen them on ebay as well quite recently !

  2. So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses


  3. oh my gosh thank you so much for checking out the shoot. so glad you commented, i found your blog again; LOVE i think you're a genius