Rlty Chck.
We sat in a stuffy tram, her daughter on her lap who pleasantly started drawing
all kinds of things in a sketch book. People were staring at the voilet hair, the
fire boots and the gorgeous little doll that was pleasantly situated between us.
Must have been a sight to see for the otherworldly suburbia citizens.
When Ivania asked her 5-year old daughter Lois, to make a portrait of me, the
first thing she drew were boots. When asked if a face/body would follow, a girl
with loooong hair was illustrated beneath it. I guess that sums it up for me:

The girl with the boots and the long hair.

Not too shabby! I can live with that.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This moments sounds like something out a movie :D!

  2. ahah lovely ! some future graphic designer / illustrator growing up there ..
    yep prints are great and i wouldn't be able to live without them but sometimes you need a cleanse, really. back to basics like they say