Tokyo Rising.

Two of my favourite things in the world: Pharell Williams & Tokyo.

Pharell has been my crush since the day I heard the song Lapdance. Technically I was too young to even legally be able to enjoy that song but it was the music that got me. Hence my (and every other female that was into their music) obsession with the oh so intriguing Pharell.

I hold an intense fascination with Tokyo. Even though I've never been there before, I feel like we would make a good fit. The intensity of the city, the way you probably feel like an alien, the intense flashing of colourful lights. All this has led me to finally planning a trip next summer to the ultimate experience: Tokyo.

Fortunately for me Palladium has created a short documentary where Pharell talks to people about the influence that the recent earthquake and tsunami has had upon them. I love how Palladium has chosen to turn to matter of fact situations but brilliantly turned it into visuals that make you long for more after it's gone. The different settings in Tokyo, the interviews with those who witnessed it on 3/11.

It's also interesting to learn that a country such as Japan, still feels affected in various ways even though they are earthquake prone. Many people seem to change the way they see things right after mother nature lashes out. Sometimes I wonder if these things happen for multiple reasons. Reasons that we can not foresee yet those which are crucial for each and every one of us to move on or change direction.

All in all, this mini documentary is a must see.

PS: I die for Saizen OO..!!

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