Seventh Man.
Never have I come across such a aesthetically pleasing mens magazine. The cover was enough to steal my heart and the inside makes
me want to wear mens clothes forever. It fed my inspiration beyond words. If you, like me, like to dress like a boy with platforms on,
pick up a copy of Seventh Man, biannual men's fashion magazine.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. He's so cute.................Cedric started working on a serie of flower-themed photos a while ago and it just exploded all of a sudden after that, FLOWERS ARE IT, it's all over now, and I love it, it's so nice how fashion right now is still fierce but in a romantic way, and not in the power dressing way anymore pffffff BYEBYE SHOULDER PADDING!....so if we hit back the kringloop we need to get a hold of every flower print we find....although 2nd hand flower prints can be so tricky....