NO buying clothing (etc.) for 1 year!!
So this is what has been
happening the past month:
I decided to participate in a
challenge developed by a fellow
student from the Amsterdam
Fashion Institute. The challenge
is as the above mentioned
FOR 1 YEAR!! That includes
shoes, accessories, underwear,
pantyhose, etc.
12 contestants from all around
the world that have a direct
link with fashion will participate
in this challenge. Every two weeks
we shall fulfill an assignment.

Why???? Might be popping up
in your mind right now. Well,
as a fashion student and somewhat
of a clothing addict, I think it is a
good test for me, to see if i'm able
to push myself in other directions
when it comes to fashion. All we
seem to care about is the "latest"
However, fashion is an art as well.
The same goes for dressing. I want
to see what it does with me and the
perspective I might get from this
adventure. How can I maximize the
output without any input.

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Of course I'll be ranting every now and
then, on this blog. And spread the word!

And share your thoughts with me!

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