Water cold.
Today the weather has changed drastically,
The air has a watery cold feel to it. I don't
mind though, I appreciate cold much more
than I just to. The kind of weather which
allows you to wear boots and layers and
layers of clothing, yeah, winter is looking
good. faux fur coat & sweater vintage

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  1. i know that they are from ebay, but do you know the sellers name or the shops name? that would be soooooo great because i'm looking for shoes like this for soooo long :(((

  2. its getting so cold here really fast as well. loving the blog!!

    ...look closer

  3. wow i love your blog! the pictures and the post.I love the india henna one:)
    i follow you

  4. God, this is so amazing I just love the way you wear this stuff. It's amazing!

    Puck @ ONEOFPOINTS.blogspot.com