_____________________The madness called Amsterdam Fashion Week

Yesterday my friend Isabelle and I passed by a few fashion
shows. The images pictured above are those of Antoine Peters.
It was more of a showing of the collection. And as soon as we
stepped in I felt like Keith Haring had stood up from his
grave and collaborated with the aforementioned designer. Of
course this wasn't the case but the inspiration was very clear.

Nonetheless, Absolut Vodka sponsored the event and we had
delicious cocktails called Moscow Mule.

After that we hopped onto Isabelle's vespa and stopped at
another event hosted by Boutyq. Boutyq is a sponsor together
with Wella, they present two designers with great potential
during fashion week. The designers were Francisco van Benthum
and Adam Entwisle. Both of them started the show with a
small movie clip that showed us their inspiration.

Frankly speaking...I was not amused. Van Benthum showed two
collections actually. The first one consisted of tailored suits
which weren't all that interesting. However, the second one
was more interesting. It had a lot of Alexander Wang sportwear
inspired elements (crop tops and mesh worn over shirts). Here
and there some shiny black breezy pants.

Adam Entwisle did a womenswear collection. His inspiration
seemed like a horror nostalgic childhood feel. His collection
was completely different. A lot of sci-fi inspired hair,
swiped paint on silk bodysuits. It sounds more exciting than
it was unfortunately.

All in all, i'm going to check out some more stuff on thursday.

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