Let's hope for the best, these a wang babies might enter
my closet sooooooon

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  1. that is just how i feel it. sometimes it feels weird when i meet people i know on my way, becuase i am in my own world and it is so relaxed. especially when it is some cold wind, but not freezing at all..

  2. LOVE your jacket and your ring!!
    great photo too
    thanks for the sweet comment!
    stop back soon xx

  3. thos wang boots are amaizng!
    and your jacket is so furry ,i want it!
    hopefully you get lucky and get the shoes


  4. i wish i had gotten these instead of my lace up ones. they're such a bitch to put on.

  5. Wow, dat is een vette jas! Btw thanks voor je comment, maar ik ben gewoon Nederlands hoor;) xx michele

  6. van welk merk zijn die schoenen? echt té vet!