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Maybe it's time to stop.

Did you know the world produces 5.8 million kg's of clothing per year?!?!?
Maybe we should start focussing on second hand/swapping/customizing/one off handcraft
masterpieces, stuff which is worth your while. Designers don't mass produce, it's the high
street that's causing problems. Imagine that even third world countries are refusing our
"old" clothes since they have had enough as well. It's becoming a problem, a huge problem.

Think about it.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. 5.8 million kg of clothes? ;O
    woooow,I had no idea of that!
    it's surpriseful!


  2. I am soo for second hand and better quality instead of quality! You're right... we should stop buying shit quality clothes every season at H&M... what happened to well made clothes and craftmanship?