new project: Style Book


So we have a new project called Style Book. We had a draw were we got the theme History, Ethnic/Folkloric and Style Icon. I got Ethnic. We were divided into groups and had to start of with a mind map. Next up were two collages based on the mind map.

I chose the Inuit because I know nothing about them. Obviously we're not allowed to use the stereotype elements such as the iglo, the fur booties and attire, etc. First off is creating a Research book and the final product should be a small book containing 3 different themes for the Inuit 'style' a contemporary take on their style that is. We also have to create it for a fictional client which could be a museum, a magazine or a brand.

Now, which client do you think is the best one. I was thinking either a brand (which one suits the style the best..?), to help them style a new line for winter 10/11 or a magazine editorial for this winter. If I choose the last one, the question is, which magazine?

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